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Choosing The Right Defense Attorney

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So many uncertainties and anxieties packed into a single decision. We all hope we never find ourselves or our loved ones in need of a criminal defense attorney, and we may even resist hiring a lawyer initially. But the reality is that Tennesseans are confronted by complex legal situations every day. Going it alone can get overwhelming very quickly! Even those of us with the best intentions (and Google search skills) can mishandle complicated legal battles, especially if we don’t have prior knowledge or experience with the legal system. So here you are, trying to figure it out. That’s a good start! And choosing the right defense attorney can make or break your case.

Okay, You See Our Point. Now For The Tips We Promised.

Bottom Line: You and your family should not face irreversible consequences simply because the case was mishandled. You were just trying to do the right thing! We get that. Whether you’re in the process of choosing the right defense attorney or doing some light legal reading (no shame), we have a couple suggestions:

1. Make sure the lawyer you hire is a Criminal Defense Attorney, specifically!

Bonus points to attorneys that have handled a case like yours before. Much like doctors, lawyers have different practices or specialties. As such, you want to select a defense attorney with experience that corresponds to your personal situation and needs.

2. Schedule a consultation with your defense attorney before you retain–and make sure you show up prepared.

Consultations are your best resource while you’re still deciding who to hire. Do not waste this opportunity to gather info about your lawyer and your case. Show up prepared with all the details about your case readily available (court dates, charges, any accrued legal paperwork, etc.). It’s also helpful to have a list of questions drafted beforehand so you can get all of them answered (questions about payment plans, for example). Check out our Criminal Defense page for general info on some of the most common criminal cases we see. Don’t forget to note any questions you have as you go!

**Initial consults are usually free of charge (a bit of good news). Our office offers free consultations for all criminal defense matters (even better news!). Get more info on our attorneys here.

Some Final Thoughts & Resources Related to Choosing The Right Defense Attorney:

You will be working closely with your attorney, so make sure they’re a good fit. You need to feel comfortable discussing your case with them and disclosing personal information about your circumstances. We realize this can be a taxing part of the process, but trust is a vital part of your relationship with your lawyer. Choosing the right defense attorney will get you the best possible representation.

If you or your loved one are in need of legal representation in a criminal defense or family matter, reach out to us today.

For additional updates and information on our local court, their departments, as well as our elected officials, visit the Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk website.

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