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You may hate your job for many reasons. Maybe it’s the low pay. Perhaps it’s your micromanaging boss who watches over your shoulder constantly. It could be your annoying co-worker who talks on the phone all day and never seems to get anything done.

While these situations may be difficult to deal with, they don’t constitute a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment is a situation so severe that it’s impossible to get work done. The hostility comes from discrimination, mockery, or other unbearable situations.

According to Tennessee’s workplace harassment law, a hostile work environment includes:

  • Discrimination based on one’s age, religion, race, gender, or disability
  • Persistent and continued hostility over a period of time, not simply a one-time thing
  • Conduct so severe and disruptive that the victim is unable to complete job duties
  • Is made known to the employer, who takes no action and allows the behavior to persist

Don’t let any of the above impede your ability to do your job. Contact our Clarksville hostile work environment attorneys at Hibbeler & Associates today.

Your Employer’s Responsibilities

It is an employer’s responsibility to create a work environment that is free of harassment. Employees should feel comfortable enough to be productive and succeed. If they feel threatened, their work performance will suffer and as a result, the company will suffer as well.

If there is evidence of a hostile work environment, you must do your part to ensure the harassment ceases. Disciplinary action must be taken, which may include firing the offender. In these cases, it is vital to have a experienced lawyer on your side to ensure your legal rights are protected.

Employer Not Taking Action? Our Clarksville Hostile Work Environment Lawyers Will!

At Hibbeler & Associates, we don’t tolerate discrimination in the workplace. It’s hard enough to make a living without having to face discrimination when you walk into the office every day. You should be respected at the workplace. If you’ve faced discrimination and your employer hasn’t taken action, our Clarksville hostile work environment attorneys can help you take steps to resolve your situation.

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