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Everyone deserves quality defense, no matter what the alleged crime involves. At Hibbeler & Associates, our criminal attorneys in Clarksville have earned a reputation for providing skilled and intelligently crafted defense strategies for clients all across Montgomery County.

As established local attorneys, we know the courts in our jurisdictions, the key players, and how to build a defense that serves our clients’ interests. Whether you are facing criminal accusations involving a misdemeanor or a felony in state, federal, or military court, we are ready to act tenaciously in your defense.

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Let our attorneys fight for you! At Hibbeler & Associates, our team has effectively represented clients who have faced a broad range of charges, including DUI, domestic assault, and more. When your freedom and future are on the line, you can count on us for proven legal guidance.

No matter what criminal violation you have been wrongly charged with, we can help you:

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Being convicted of a crime will create negative repercussions in all or most areas of your life, including your personal relationships, your career, and your reputation. Employers, lenders, landlords, and business professionals will tend to steer away from any interaction with someone who has been convicted of a crime, serious or otherwise.

The steep fines used in sentencing could drain your finances beyond repair. Being placed behind bars for months or years can disconnect you from others in your life, unraveling important relationships you have built. You have to take legal action to stop it.

Criminal penalties for crimes in Tennessee may include:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Probation
  • Excessive fines
  • Mark on your criminal record
  • Loss of employment opportunities
  • Negative immigration consequences
  • Paying restitution to accusers
  • Removal of licenses

How can you make certain the criminal justice system does not try to trample your rights and freedoms? You will want one of our proven Clarksville criminal lawyers on your side to defend your freedom and your future.

We are well-versed in the nuances of the criminal justice system and are equipped to provide skilled defense at every stage of the criminal process, from the initial investigation all the way to trial. We are never intimidated by the prosecution, no matter its strength or backing from governmental agencies.

Collecting & Using Evidence to Your Advantage

Our criminal attorneys in Clarksville know that a reliable criminal defense case starts the moment you are placed under investigation or arrest. Police officers and law enforcement agents will be busy collecting evidence to use against you by handing it over to the prosecution. It is crucial to take the same initiative for your defense.

Potential defenses for a criminal defense case include:

  • Mistaken identity:
    A classic yet effective defense to criminal accusations is mistaken identity. Many crimes are described by apparent witnesses as unfolding in the dark and by a complete stranger. This situation creates a cloud of uncertainty in identity the prosecution has the duty to clear.
  • No criminal intent:
    Many criminal statutes describe a crime using language that implies or relies on the offender having the intent to commit it. That is to say, if you never intended to break the law, it might be possible to have charges dismissed or greatly reduced. For example, murder can be lessened to involuntary manslaughter, which carries lessened penalties upon conviction.
  • No harm:
    Some crimes depend on actual harm or wrongdoing occurring to the accusing victim in order for the action or situation to actually fit the criminal definition. When someone is prosecuted for an act that does not meet the letter of the law, it may be possible to convince a judge to dismiss the charges due to inaccuracy or prosecutorial errors.
Keep in mind that the aforementioned criminal defense strategies are only generalized. Your own case is unique and needs a unique approach to succeed. Hibbeler & Associates always moves forward with criminal defense cases by getting to know our clients and the finest details of their situation. No one is given cookie-cutter defense strategies.

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  • Accessible, affordable & effective representation
  • We support our soldiers and offer military discounts

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There is too much at stake in a criminal case to go through the process alone. Depending on a trusted legal ally can be the key difference between freedom and incarceration. Contact Hibbeler & Associates to learn how our experienced Clarksville criminal defense attorneys can fight for you.

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