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Understanding Domestic Violence in Tennessee

Also known as domestic violence, domestic assault occurs when someone mistreats a family member. Victims in these cases are typically a child or spouse, but domestic assault can happen to anyone. Any type of partner can be affected, whether they are married or not and regardless of their sexual orientation. Domestic assault even applies to couples who are dating.

Typically, domestic assault charges arise from the following:

  • Physical abuse.

    This is the most common form of abuse. This includes slapping, hitting, shoving, kicking, biting, and any other form of physical actions intended to be violent in nature.

  • Sexual abuse.

    This type of abuse occurs when the offender touches another person’s body without his or her consent. This can include rape.

In addition, a person may be accused of domestic violence for non-physical offenses, such as:

  • Emotional abuse.

    This form of abuse may not be physical in nature, but it can still be harmful. Emotional abuse includes insults, threats, blaming, name-calling, shaming, and bullying. Proving emotional abuse involves elements of manipulation, control, and intimidation.

  • Financial abuse.

    This involves taking control of a person’s money without consent so that he or she must rely on the person.

Experienced Domestic Violence Defense Legal Counsel

Because of the scope of the offense and the nature of the evidence often used against an individual, it is vital that you turn to a Clarksville domestic assault attorney to represent you. At Hibbeler & Associates, our criminal defense attorneys will take the time to investigate the accusation and find a solution that protects your rights and reputation for your a domestic assault charge.

For help with domestic matters, count on the legal services of Hibbeler & Associates. With our experience, our firm can protect your rights, future and freedom. We take the time to look at the evidence against you to find a solid defense solution.

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