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What Are Four Consequences of Being Placed on the Sex Offender Registry?

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If you are convicted of a sex crime, you will likely be placed on the sex offender registry. The sex offender registry is a way for the state to keep track of where sex offenders are and to ensure that they are abiding by the restrictions of their conviction. Four of the main consequences of being placed on the sex offender registry include not being able to hold certain jobs, being restricted on where you can live, losing custody of your children, and a lack of privacy.

Being placed on the sex offender registry can affect nearly every part of your life, which is why it is important to do everything you can to defend yourself against sex crime charges. Talk to one of our attorneys to find out what your options are.

How Does Being a Sex Offender Limit My Employment Opportunities?

When you are a registered sex offender, you are not allowed to hold certain jobs. Usually, these jobs are ones in which you would be working with children or those who are more vulnerable, such as the developmentally disabled. These registries are public, and employers are able to search them as part of a background check.

How Does Being a Sex Offender Affect Where I Can Live?

Registered sex offenders are not allowed to live within 1,000 feet of a school, which means that your housing opportunities after you have served your sentence can be very limited. This 1,000-foot radius includes living with a friend or family member. Sex offenders are also not allowed to come within 1,000 feet of a school unless they are picking up or dropping off their own child.

Will Being Convicted of a Sex Crime Impact My Custody Case?

Being convicted of a sex crime can impact child custody, but the impact depends on the nature of the charges and the family court judge. If the sex crime conviction is related to children, such as with child pornography charges or sexual abuse of a minor, you could lose custody of your children entirely or be left with only supervised visitation. If you have children, it is important to speak with an attorney about how the charges may affect your custody arrangement and what you can do to protect your relationship with your children.

Sex crimes carry a large stigma in our society, but there are still options for defense if you have been charged with one of these crimes. Call 931-236-2711 to schedule a consultation and speak with a seasoned criminal defense advocate today.

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